I Set Sail…

15 Sep 2011

I set sail plane ship car bus pack my bag things for Los Angeles in 1991, I think that was the year that I went there
I knew I had to go there
I saw it on the television as a yid kid in 1954 and 1955 and loved the way the light looked and the buildings and the wood and the sky except I had no reasons why I liked it , no reason in my mind at that point anyway
I just just dug it man
And " I just dug it man " those kinds of sentences happened about 10 years later and at that time there was no better place to be than London it was the 60's and that's how people I looked up to spoke back in those days and nights back then
Except I was to far away from London so I only heard them speaking like that on the television , which was very small back then
I was in a place called potters bar then , we had moved there from Highbury in north London ... But the cool thing about potters bar is that I had a long walk to school as a yid kid although I always felt out of place as a jewish kid , tell you the truth , wherever I am I always feel out of place , I feel like well , I dunno "out of place" except Los Angeles , in Los Angeles I feel at home
Los Angeles spoke to me from the television it said "get here as soon as you can please!"
So I listened to it
The television was somehow connecting me to a higher power
Everything that came upon it seemed to have an authorized potion of importance
If it was on the television it was good
If it was on the television it was real
If it was on the television it was spectacular
If it was on the television it was great
The light and the architecture and the shapes and the of design of Los Angeles seemed to talk to me in a special kind of way it just read home , it just seemed to say that this was my home and I should be there
I did not know what those things meant as a kid , light , architecture , colour , I mean I was a kid how would I know , I was a kid ??
But I loved that place , and then something else happened to me , my dad took me to the cinema ...
You know I am in Deauville right now, at the film festival and I’ve jumped 50 years or more , I am 58 years old , I’m here with my movie detachment
This writing will change
This writing is organic
I was thinking that I do not...


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