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15 Sep 2011


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WOW!! What can one say saw your new page ... have to say there is no direction you could have gone in that you would not have shone in .. Gifts from Heaven or Hell smile Either way you,re some man Tony!! Kudos from Eiré.
By SINEAD HARNWELL on 17:05, 25 Sep 2011

Dear Mr Kaye,
First of all, I'll allow myself to call you Tony, it suits you best. Secondly, since I’m commenting a video on your web page, I’ll try to be as concise as possible.
So, Tony, I'm sending you this post after having seen your latest theatre work: Detachment, in paris (I'm this french/american 19 years old kid living in France).
Unlike the rest of the movie industry, you seem to be more human, thus contactable.
I haven't been so moved by a movie since I last saw Peter Watkins's Punishment Park a couple of years ago. I actually went to the cinema a second time to illegally record it since it's unavailable online ( I'm confident that you're a opened minded non greedy movie maker who won't be taking an offended stance while reading this ).
When I say «contactable», I don’t wish to sound like an obsessed frenzy fanatic who worships you in any kind of psychotic way. I’m just a very young man with a pretty restrained view of the world, even my world...
Anyway, I wish I could be able to communicate with you in a more direct manner, without being intrusive but simply to converse, in an epistolary fashion.
That would be if you’d be kind enough to answer me back, preferably ; by e-mail or regular mailing (if you are rather old school about communication). Sorry, I wasn’t that concise after all, It’s never easy to manifest one’s existence in a few words.

If you do see and read this message and decide that I’m worthy of your time, which I hope you’ll very much be ; send an e-mail to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or simply comment back if you’d like my actual address.

p.s: if there's any kind of misspelling, I apologize in advance, my written english is a bit flawed.

By Sacha on 23:48, 20 Feb 2012

Good website. Nice placing comments system. Apologies for the off-topic post, but I ended up being extremely amazed with Djokovic's play in the final of the Aussie OPen this yr. The guy is probably unbeatable. He exhibited he had been as solid as iron. Only think about he he can overcome Nadal who had previously been so motivated to gain as well as really was so motivated up in the fifth set. I'm starting to feel that Djokovic has been doing some psychic work to bring some aids on his side that really help him win this kind of matches up against the finest players in the entire world
order a term paper. What is your opinion in relation to Rafa's game?
By Alexa on 14:37, 11 Mar 2012

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